Pique Assiette

The fantastic appeal of the Pique Assiette method lies in the unpredictable and unique results achieved when random materials are unified in mosaic form. While this style is not typically favored as a “fine art” medium, it has tremendous value in the mosaic world, because of all methods, it is perhaps the simplest to master. 

When Fishermen Dream
The Sincerest Form
Four Wild Birds
Wash Day

This art form allows so much freedom, and at the same time restricts the artist to the boundaries dictated by materials on hand. As a result, the final mosaic is usually whimsical and almost always colorful, and easily admired by anyone who sees it. It is perhaps this “folk art” flavor that makes it so popular.

Kimcent Van Dogh
Old One Ear
Unexpected Path
Girl Without Balloon
Here’s My Heart
Standing Invitation
Flower Planter
When Love Blooms
When Love Blooms — Details

The mosaic art world is incredibly diverse. Be sure to look at the online sites, particularly those of contemporary artists. Mosaic styles, methods, and possibilities are truly endless!

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